Basic German B1


Perfect your language skills with our Basic German B1 course. Further develop your language skills in order to confidently talk about various topics like work, school and freetime withut any mistakes.



If you already have good skills of the German language and can talk about various topics on both a verbal and written level, you will be able to bring those skils to perfection with our Basic German B1 course. Further develop your language skills in order to confidently talk about various topics like work, school and freetime withut any mistakes.

In this course you will be taught the indepedent use of the German language. Upon completion you will be able to communicate in everyday situations using German and express and explain your needs and opinions. You will be able to handle all situations that might occur during your stay. You will be able to understand und make use of German grammar. Your experiences, wishes, dreams, hopes can be described, doubts and restriction explained and reasoned. You will be able to comprehend essential topics of conversations and discussions and summarise those.

Our school offers both group as well as private lessons since both course types have advantages. For an optimum of learning success we recommend a combination of group and private lessons. In a group lesson you will be taught with other students. You will be trained in everyday situations by taking part in small role plays and group discussions. That way not only your language skills will improve but also the comprehension of the spoken language will be further trained.
You profit from the individual strengths of your fellow students that enrich the lessons and maximise your learning success. Of course we limit the group size to no more than 15 students per group.
Therefore we can guarantee that the teaching staff is able to focus on each student and answer individual questions and needs. During private lessons the teacher will keep an eye on your personal weaknesses and practises those areas that you need to improve. You will not be distracted by anything and can concentrate on intense and efficient learning processes so that you are able to reach learning goals in a short time.

Be perfectly prepared for your language exam thanks to our extensive exam peparation. From experience we know every single content of the exams and will accordingly test your knowledge in a mock exam. This way we are able to identify deficiencies and weaknesses and can work on those areas during lessons to make sure you will be at ease and optimally prepared for the language exam. We select our teaching staff carefully.

Beside excellent language skills the personal contact to our students plays an important role. This is the reasony why only government approved German teachers, who enjoy their work and offer patience as well as sympathy towards our students, are hired for our school. We are proud to say that our school is like a little family that stick together and everyone is glad to be a part of and everyone gets the support they look for. Not only is learning in an environment like this more enjoyable but also you may reach your goals faster.

For the duration of the language course you will be housed in one of our apartements. Therefore you will not be required to put up with lengthy journeys and instead focus on their learning process. By being placed in an apartement with fellow students you will be able to exercise the German language even in your freetime and therefore achieve your goals faster.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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