How it works

How it works

The possibilities of the online course

How does the online course work?

Technical requirements

Personal requirements

Opportunities of our online courses

Our online courses offer the opportunity to study from anywhere in the world!

• We purposely chose to refrain from the use of a E-Learning technology in favor of communicating and focus on our students requests by using a number of communication media

• Study from your home or any other play that has a working internet connection

• Via online live stream you will be able to directly connect with out teachers.

• Via online live stream you will be able to directly connect with out teachers.

• Modern equipment makes it easy for students to learn – work in a virtual environment with digital books, pictures, audio books videos and many more

• Lessons will be documented so that you are able to revise topics aas often as you like.

• An online course offers more flexibility, is more effeicient and fun than a traditional school.

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How does the online course work?

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Study with us:

  • Immediately after registration is completed you will be contacted and asked for your preferred messenger service for the lessons.
  • There is no need to download and install a special sofware. We adapt to our students’ needs.
  • At a fixed date and time teacher und students will meet in a virtual classroom to talk about the curriculum for the exam.
  • Gradually all relevant topics will be covered and studied to provide the best possible preparation for the exam.

What are technical requirements?

Technical requirements include:

  • Most importantly – a working internet connection
  • Desktop-PC, notebook or Tablet with video and audio
  • Ideally a webcam and headset
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What are personal requirements?

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Our expectations

  • Motivation to work with our learning techniques.
  • Reliability to meet agreed upon dates and times.
  • Joy and fun while working on exam related topics in the group.

If all those four requirements are met, there are no more obstacles in your of achieving new language skills.