About us

About us

If a Philippine citizen wants to apply for a visa for Germany it is necessary for the applicant to show proof of the languale skills of the German language at the German embassy. The Goethe institute in Manila hand out a language certificate after passing an exam.

Due to our work over at marriageinhongkong.com every now and then people contact us and ask for an appropiate German school in order to pass the A1 language certificate. By now we find it hard to answer those inquiries as we are informed about more and more negative press about schools on the Philippines. Besides the lack of quality, the treachorous behaviour of teachers is often critised.

This is reason enough to get active!

The Philippines consist of over 7000 islands, therefore it is not possible to find a school for the German language on every single one of them.
Living at another place for a certain amount of time to visit a school is often connected to uncertainty and immense costs.

Phil-School is an online school that enables students to take part in lessons from their home or any other location with a working internet connection. All extra costs that may occur when studying at a traditional school, e.g. flights, accomodation and so on, do not apply within our concept.

German speaking Filipinos supervise individual learning progress and explan single topics in local language. Preparing for a language exam has never been so easy!

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The lessons are designed in close coordination with the Goethe institute in Manila. In order to provide a fast acclimisation and effecient learning process the students will slowly but firmly introduced to our concept. We keep an eye out for every student so that no one is left behind during the course and learning processes are realised as planned. Overall our Philippine staff will teach essential tips and experiences of life in Germany to further promote integration of cultural values.

Phil-School offers a variety of language course to reach the common goal of obtaining a German language certificate. We are convinced that pur online courses work better when they are incorporated to the real world. All learning materials are included and will be given to all newbies as to provide for indepedent revision and studying.

We are always working on further developing our learning materials and means to guarantee a high success rate for every student. Our online school is politically neutral and operates on a nonprofit level.

We are looking forward to meeting our students and hope you have a good time!