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Learn the German language fast and easy from anywhere on the world.

  • A1 course

    This language course will preprare you to meet the requirements for the German exam according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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  • A2 course

    If you already possess basic knowledge of the German language, you will be able to deepen your language skills with our German-basic course A2 and prepare for the A2 language exam.

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  • B1 course

    Already possess good knowledge of the German language and you areable to communicate both verbally and written with regards to a variety of topics? The B1 German course will help you perfect your language skill.

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The courses provided by our school will prepare you for language exams by the Goethe-institute and will teach basic knowledge of the German language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Thanks to our courses or intensive training you will be fit for the German language exams level A1, A2 and B1 in no time. Furthermore we    offer advice on opportunities in Germany to our clients in a personal conversation.

Language skills learned during our courses are necessary for a number of visa as well as:

  • Students
  • Au-Pairs
  • Fiancés
  • Spouses
  • Families
  • Workers


Our teacher are trained Filipinos who absolved all examinations up to level B2 themselves and are able to teach from experience. Phil-School is one of the best and largest provider of online courses on the Philippines and works with german-speaking Philippine teachers.

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Most german school on the Philippines have a dubious reputation. Basically everyone can be a teacher and open up a German school there. Among those people might also be black sheeps that will fail their students on purpose just to increase their income. When working with Phil-School you do not have to worry. We are professionals. We are honest. We will help you achieve your goals.


Furthermore most students at a German school have to live at another place for a time. As the Philippines consist of over 7000 islands this is no suprise. Therefore it is much easier to take part in an online course that you will be able to attend from any place with a working internet connection.



At our schools you will be prepared for the upcoming German language exams level A1, A2 and B1 in methodic and professional lessons. The skills needed for the exam like reading comprehension, listening comprehension as well as verbal skills will be explained and taught with a variety of resource. This will guarantee the best possible preparation and revision for each language exam with regard to grammar, verbal and written communication skills as well as reading and listening comprehension.

Choose the optimum of learning success, an intense experience in a like-minded group and private lessons and enjoy an interesting preparation phase. Lessons and learning material will be adjusted to your individual and personal needs and requirements – profit from a personalised language course that will help you achieve your goals as fast and best as possible. During private lessons the teacher will analyse and work on your weaknesses, topics that are exam-related and help you strengthen your skills.

If your have any further questions or inquiries, please contact us via the contact form.

Take advantage of the incredible potentials that digital learning offers and learn the German language.